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Basic Things that you know about PHP framework for Web Application

A PHP Framework is the basic platform which allows us to develop web applications, when we use PHP Platform, three things on which we get control is

a) Saves the loading time.

b) Saves time on producing repetitive codes

c) Build application rapidly.

The benefits of PHP framework are

1) it's easy to install and customize

2) Have MVC Pattern

3) Easy integration

4) Suitable for team work

5) High performance

6) Platform independent

7) SEO Friendly

The five most popular PHP Frameworks that are popular among developers, which promotes the modern web development practices and which make it possible to build websites and web applications are:

1) Laravel - It is considered to be the king of frameworks. It is simple, easy to learn and supports rapid applications in development.

2) Yii - Yii is the oldest framework, it was lagging behind laravel, but with the release of Yii 2.0, it is becoming the preferred choice of development. It hosts one of the best documentation in the world of PHP framework.

3) Cake PHP - With less codes cake php can build web application simpler and faster. It also follows the MVC Pattern.

4) Codeigniter - it is used to develop simple and large web applications. It enables us to develop project much faster by providing rich set of library for common task.

5) Zend 2 - Zend 2 is an object oriented framework for developing web applications, it is based on MVC Pattern, and it is a very flexible framework.

Without PHP framework it becomes more difficult to produce applications as you have to repeatedly code lots of PHP. And without scratch you have to maintain a connection between data base and application you produce. Here using the PHP framework for web applications makes your connections secure.

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